Co-written by: Brad & LJ

He sputtered and his face turned a deeper shade of red. His frustration grew as the one he now deemed to be an adversary remained calm throughout his on-going tirade, causing him to continue his verbal abuse of personal insults and nasty innuendos.

His rant came to an end when a hand abruptly closed around his neck. He looked into the blank face of the hand’s owner and took in the eyes blazing with anger. Swallowing became difficult if not impossible.

“You will get down on your knees and apologize at once.  Then you will obey the directive you were given,” was the gutturally spoken command.

The hand tightened warningly when he hesitated but eased up as he sank slowly to the floor.

His brief apology was accepted even though it lacked sincerity, and the hand fell away.

He got to his feet and glared down at the one who had dared to touch him. “Never lay a hand on me again,” he hotly ordered. “You have no right. You are just a slave!”

“No! I am not just a slave. I am Emerson Mackenzie Jones’ slave.” Liam’s voice vibrated with conviction and pride.

Emerson’s antagonist backed off, turned on his heel and stomped out of the club.

The hush that had fallen over the crowd began to disappear. Emerson stood up, nodded to Flynn and tapped Liam on the head. He then made his way to the elevator leading to their apartment, confident that his Slave was following him.

It was a slow process as many of the regular patrons stop Emerson to exchange a few words. Even knowing much said was done in jest, Liam was still mortified by some of the comments. It suddenly hit him just how out of line he had been when letting his emotions take over. Not usually an impulsive man, he was shocked by his hasty actions.

Once in their apartment, Emerson sank into the leather recliner and looked up at his slave with a raised eyebrow.

Liam immediately dropped to his knees with his hands clasped behind his back and his head bowed.

“Did you think I was unable to handle the situation on my own, Slave?”

“No, Master.” Liam shuddered to think what repercussions this evening’s events would have.

“Maybe you thought I was in need of a bit of assistance anyway?”

“I am so sorry, Master. I know I should have stayed out of it and let you handle it in your own way.” Liam’s shoulders drooped in despair.

“Why do you think you stepped in, Liam?”

The question was asked in a gentle voice, but Liam failed to notice that or the fact that his name had been mentioned. “I was just so angry with the vile and untrue things he was spouting off about. I couldn’t take it a moment longer and no one else seemed interested in stopping him,” he softly offered his defense.

“Aside from entertaining many of the others there, I appreciate your efforts, Liam.” Emerson smiled down when the younger man stared up at him in surprise. “Did you really think I would berate you for showing me the depth of your feelings for me, my precious Slave?”

“I…I didn’t know what you’d think, Master. I was so ashamed of my outburst and took it for granted that you would be just as upset by it.” 

Emerson reached out and dragged Liam upward to straddle his lap. “Foolish boy,” he whispered in the younger man’s ear as he hugged him.

“Who was that man?” Liam dared to ask, his curiosity getting the better of him and making him brave.

“His name is Martin Jay. He came to the club a couple of times about a year ago and then stopped. He said our rules were too restrictive. He is not the type of Dom we like to have around here. He’s rather careless, in our opinion. He had a lackadaisical attitude toward safe words and felt it wasn’t necessary to stay overly long with a Sub who was coming down. The second time he arrived at my establishment; he had a bullwhip with him and tried to browbeat Subs into letting him use it. Flynn used the excuse that the whip hadn’t been properly clean and therefore was not permitted in the club.”

Emerson grinned at the expression of astonishment on Liam’s face. “I was surprised to see him here again. He was unhappy about our refusal to let him play due to him imbibing too much. That infuriated him and the liquor he’d consumed obviously gave his tongue free reign to say whatever he wanted. I was giving him time to get it out of his system before having the bouncers escort him outside.”

“Oh! Guess I kind of hindered that result, huh?”

“No problem. His tirade had to end sooner or later. Of course it was amusing to those watching, while it lasted. Your interference came as a surprise to many. Flynn managed to keep his smile hidden behind his hand, but laughter still sparkled in his eyes. Poor Ned was completed distracted until the mug in his hand overflowed. It got his attention and he quickly shut off the beer tap. He had a bit of a mess to clean up.”  

“The despicable man’s face sure turned an interesting colour. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that reddish-purple shade before. I wonder if it can be classified as vermilion…hmm, or maybe claret?” Liam look like he was giving it some thought before he burst out laughing along with his Master.

Emerson was delighted with the younger man’s whimsy. His slave was more often somewhat somber. “Ah-ha, a touch of ‘Brat’ coming out. Good for you, my beauty.”

Liam blushed at what appeared to be a compliment. He wrapped his arms around the older man’s neck. “I love you, Master!” Liam uttered the seldom spoken words.

“I know that,” Emerson assured him. “And I love you with all my heart, Liam.”

The End

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