Celebrating Love

Co-written by Brad & his S.O.

Thanks to Jodie for bravely attempting to beta this for us.

Only twice a year did Liam’s collar come off: once at Christmas and again on his birthday. It happened to be the morning of his birthday when he’d knelt before his Master and the collar that was so much a part of who he was, had been removed.

Two occasions when Liam was told they were to live as equal partners before Liam was given the option of resuming his role as a slave. It was always his choice.

A special activity had been planned out. It began with them showering together followed by his Master sharpening the razor he would be using.

Liam’s eyes clouded over ever so slightly as he dreamily contemplated what the older man’s thoughts might be.

‘I think he loves to shave me while we are both naked. Does he realize how intimate I find it and how sensual it feels having his body so close to mine as he runs the razor over my face? Does he also know of the nurturing aspect about it? I strongly suspect he does.’

After wiping residue shaving cream from Liam’s face, Emerson walked his young lover over to the large bed and made him lie down. Within a few minutes, he had Liam losing all of his inhibitions.

He’d taken Liam’s hand in his much larger one, caressing the back of it with his thumb. Next he’d raised Liam’s hand to his lips and pressed them against it and then against his palm. And then he put his mouth against the inside of his wrist as though he were taking his pulse with his lips. And he easily got that pulse rate up higher.

He leaned in and flicked the inside of Liam’s ear with the tip of his tongue before taking one earlobe gently between his teeth. That was guaranteed to send shivers down the younger man’s spine every time.

He started with Liam on top, his hands placed firmly on the rounded butt, letting Liam know how fast or slow he wanted him to move. As time went on, he slowly but steadily plunged deeper inside as his hands massaged and caressed his lover, and occasionally even gently slap the firm cheeks. He wanted Liam to know he was always in good hands

That was how their first climax of the morning proceeded.

A short time later found Liam on his back.

There are a dozen down pillows on the bed, and Emerson would use them for adjusting his lover’s position during intercourse. But he’d also prop himself up with them behind his back when he had the younger man perform oral sex. That way he can see everything Liam was doing.

But Emerson knew Liam mostly loved the feeling of his Master invading his body, loved the security he found in his Master’s strong arms, loved the feeling of his Master’s large hands caressing his body and finding all the places that tossed him into the throws of delight….but mostly he loved the feel of his Master’s lips on his own.

After spending many minutes gently kissing Liam’s lips and face, Emerson accelerated his erotic onslaught. 

After masterfully preparing the young man for his invasion, Emerson deeply thrust in to the welcoming depth of his lover’s warm body and smiled down at him.  Once satisfied that Liam was not in any discomfort, he began to gently rock back and forth to establish a rhythm that would led them both to heights often experiences and enjoyed in the past.

Emerson appreciated that Liam always kept his eyes open during orgasm. Sometimes he bit his lip, gasped, panted, and moaned but he never closed his eyes or turned his head away from the man who owned him. He gave everything through his eyes and it inevitably triggered Emerson’s own release.

The older man considered it a precious gift, and always found it extremely exciting. 

No matter how much they wished to, neither man felt at liberty to verbally proclaim their love for the other.  Each man harboured concerns about doing so. Emerson didn’t wish to put undue pressure on his still sometimes skittish young Slave. Liam, on the other hand, didn’t want to over-step his bounds even though they were self-imposed.

Only in the throes of passion would bodies and souls come together to declare their undying love.

Each and every time it was this joining, this uniting, this silent act of adoration that avowed their devotion and gave free expression to its’ celebration.

The End.

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