Taking Care

Written by Jodie

Thank you, Brad, for allowing me the use of your characters. Here’s proof a Drabble is possible with them.

“Stop, Master!”

“Are you giving me an order, slave?” Emerson wiped the condensation from the mirror and glared at the reflection next to his. Two naked men studied each other.

Liam blushed, but responded candidly. “Isn’t it my responsibility to care for your belongings, Master?”

“It is.”

“Your teeth belong to you. You were grinding them again.”

Emerson smiled, somewhat relaxing his stance. “It was a stressful day.”

“Massage time!” Liam declared as he took the older man’s hand and led him out of the en suite towards the turned-down bed.

Emerson willingly followed, knowing he’d be well taken care of.

The End

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