Danger's Aftermath

The first part of this story was co-written with Jodie and the second part with my wonderful SO.

Special thanks to a couple of ladies who provided us with the plot. (You know who you are.)

Liam held his hands in the air as he felt the cold trickle of sweat slowly moving down his back. His breaths were coming in short puffs as his terror mounted while he stared at the gun being held in front of his face. His life seemed to play out in his mind; at least the last few hours of it did.

His Master had insisted he go out with friends for the evening and have a bit of fun. Although he had balked at the thought of leaving even for a few hours, in all honesty he had to admit that he had enjoyed being at the club Ned and Royce had taken him to. It was so different from the club his Master owned. There had been loud music, lots of flashing lights, dancing and a spectacular floor show. Liam had been enthralled.  

Things had begun to take a bit of a downward turn about an hour ago when he got side-tracked by his companions wanting to go to another establishment. He declined their invite but the discussion had led to his noncompliance with a major directive his Master had harped on about. With the ongoing transport dispute, buses were not running true to schedule and proving to be even more undependable after midnight because of rotating strike actions. He had gotten to the stop just as what was probably the last bus was passing. It might not have stopped anyway, he tried to convince himself, as it had appeared rather crowded. He decided to walk home; a decision that would soon prove to be a big mistake.

The back street he’d taken to save time was empty. Lights were intermittent and the quarter moon did little to dispel the darkness. Liam had paused when he thought he heard footsteps behind him and turned to find himself in a very dangerous situation.

“Put your hands down and give me your money!” a grating voice demanded, abruptly interrupting his thoughts and bringing his focus back to the weapon threatening him.

“I-I don’t have much,” Liam stammered, digging into his pocket and handing over its’ contents.

“That’s it?!” his assailant growled. “A toonie, a quarter and a fucking bus ticket?”

“Sorry,” Liam muttered, not knowing what else to say and working hard not to move for fear of antagonizing the man further.

“Then hand over your wallet.”

“I-I don’t have one.”

“Then your watch.”

“I-I don’t wear one.” Liam silently prayed the man wouldn’t search him and find his Master’s gold pocket watch. 

“Dam-it to hell anyways!” the mugger huffed and then appeared to be thinking about what to do next.

Liam took a moment to refocus his attention and study his accoster. He was rather surprised to see a young, good-looking black man not much older than himself but a bit taller and somewhat heavier.  

“What the hell are you so nervous about?” The robber sounded a little confused.

“You’re pointing a gun at my face,” Liam timidly reminded the other man.

“Oh, right.” The weapon was lowered until it pointed at Liam’s chest.

Liam began to relax his stance ever so slightly. At least, his heart rate was slowing and he found breathing a little easier.

“Okay, what about a cell phone?”

“I lent it to a friend.” That was the truth; forgetting to get it back another lack of judgement on his part. Ned had carelessly left his at home and had borrowed Liam’s when Royce’s died.

“You’re wearing good quality clothes; too bad they won’t fit me.” The would-be thief shook his head.

Liam saw that as a blessing of sorts. At least if he was found dead in an alley somewhere, he be spared the added indignity of being found both dead and naked.

“Do you have any jewelry?”

Liam’s hand instinctively went to his collar. “N-none that belongs to me,” he murmured.

“Do you belong to someone?” the other man asked as understanding slowly dawned.  “Holy shit!” His eyes widened as he shook his head in disbelief. “Someone really owns you?” He had long been curious about BDSM lifestyles and there were so many questions he’d have like to ask, but this was not the time or place for such a conversation.

“Yes, I do. So now you know why I have nothing for you.”

“Is that why you’re still scared?”

“Not entirely. It probably has more to do with you still holding a gun on me.”

“Oh…yeah. Ah, sorry about that.” The gun disappeared into the kangaroo pouch of the mugger’s hoody. “This is proving to be my worse career choice ever,” The man quietly lamented self-derisively.

The two men stood studying each other for several moments.

“Hmmm, what do you think we should do now?” Liam’s adversary asked.

“I don’t know. I’ve never been in a position like this before. But I tell you what; if you let me go I won’t call the cops or anything.”

“I guess that might work,” the stranger eventually agreed after giving the idea some thought.

Several more moments dragged on before the bigger man suddenly threw his arms around Liam and hugged him.

Totally unprepared for such an action and without a clue as to what else to do, Liam cautiously returned the hug.

Then the two men unhurriedly backed away from each other, turned on their heels and ran off; both hoping their paths would never cross again.


Liam sat on the outside landing with his elbows on his knees and his head in his hands. He was the picture of anguish, and anguish was precisely what he was feeling. How was he going to face his Master and confess all that had happened?

He was physically spent from the long run back and was getting colder as his body began to cool. The only plus that he could feel now was his breathing having just about returned to normal and his heart no longer trying to beat its’ way out of his chest. The fear induced adrenaline rush had all but vanished.

This was all his Master’s fault anyway. He hadn’t even wanted to go out in the first place. He’d have rather stayed home with the older man he adored. And then there were the stipulations on what he should watch out for. How was he expected to enjoy himself with all he had to remember?

Unable to work up the justified anger he tried to convince himself he was entitled to, Liam eventually admitted that he was solely to blame for this evening’s misadventure.

He finally acknowledged that he could wait no longer and reluctantly got to his feet.  Cautiously entering the back of the flat, he locked the door behind him, removed his shoes and hung up his jacket before moving furtively towards his Master’s bedroom. Seeing a light on, he paused momentarily before the partially opened door to the study. Hearing nothing, he continued onward.

In the master suite, he quickly undressed and dropped his clothing in the hamper. After performing his nighttime ritual, he re-entered the bedroom and saw his Master sitting on the seat at the end of the bed.

Liam knelt naked in front of the older man; his head bowed and his hands clasped tightly behind his back. Neither man moved or spoke. Closing his eyes, Liam waited in growing foreboding as the silence steadily enveloped him.

A tap on his head informed him that his Master was impatiently awaiting an explanation.

Liam took a deep breath and hesitantly began. The story unfolded slowly but soon picked up speed as the young man relaxed ever so slightly. By the end of his narrative, he was talking so fast he was stumbling over his words. But the gist of it was well understood.

In the silence that followed only the gnashing of the older man’s teeth could be heard. The sound made Liam more nervous than ever, if that was possible.

Without warning he was hauled up from the floor and face down over his Master’s lap. Before the abrupt change in position had fully registered, a powerful swat landed on one side of his backside. It knocked the breath out of him and before he regained it, another equally heavy swat landed on the other side.

There was no easy introduction to the punishment as on the few previous occasions when he had found himself in a similar situation. This was full force right from the start. It was a clear indication of just how angry his Master was. Nothing in the past had prepared him for the severity of this reprimand.

Liam’s hand instinctively flew backwards, but was immediately grabbed and held firmly to his side. The walloping continued unhindered. When his squirming failed to interfered with the painful assault, Liam dug his toes into the carpet and tried to lift his bottom. That move also failed to provide any relief, so he gave in and accepted it as his due. The spanking would end in his Master’s own good time.

He was unaware of the fire no longer building in his hindquarters until he was set unsteadily on his feet and helped around to the side of the bed. Once settled on the cool sheet with another pulled over him, he curled up and softly sobbed out his pain and sorrow into the pillow he was burrowing into. Sensing the absence of his Master only increased his sorrow. He had never been left on his own after other punishments and he now felt totally abandoned.

So wrapped up in his despair, Liam didn’t hear his Master’s movements as the older man undressed and prepared to settle in for the night. It was only the dipping of the other side of the bed that let Liam know he had not been rejected.

The upper part of his body was lifted unto a larger one as strong arms enfolded him. A soothing mantra began and a warm hand rubbed up and down his back. It was a routine both men found comforting.

“I-I’m sorry, Master, for not obeying,” Liam stammered as hot tears continued to wet the older man’s chest.

“So am I, my precious slave.”

“It won’t happen again, Master. I promise.”

“No, it won’t. I have every intention of helping you keep that promise. It will be a long time before you will be out on the town again.”

Liam released a sigh of relief. A calamity such as the one he faced earlier would not be repeated any time soon, if ever.

“In fact,” Emerson continued, “for the foreseeable future you will not leave the apartment unaccompanied by me. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Master.” To Liam this was getting better by the minute. “I love you, Master,” he murmured sleepily. Exhausted, he closed his eyes and dozed off.

Emerson may have picked up on the irony of his decision had he not still been working on coming to grips with events of the evening and how close he had come to losing his beloved slave. He wondered when this delightful young man had become his sole reason for living.

‘How could I go on without him? My life would be empty. I’d have no reason to……’ He shuddered at his contemplation and silently admonished himself not to go there. ‘He is here, safe in your arms.’

Emerson was unaware of how much his embraced had tightened until Liam moaned and shifted uncomfortably.

“Sssh, little one,” Emerson whispered as he lovingly kissed the head resting beneath his chin. He listened for Liam’s breathing to indicate he’d fallen into a deeper sleep before deciding it was time he also slept. It had been a momentous and traumatic night for them both.

His last conscious thought was one of almost overwhelming gratitude to the powers that be who watched over unwary young fools and brought them safely home.

The End

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