Finding His Place

Sincere appreciation to my SO, Jodie and Mike for all their support and encouragement.

Liam awoke slightly disoriented. The feeling lasted all of two seconds. Alertness hit as he focused in on yesterday’s life making changes. Of course this was greatly helped by the large frame spooned around him, the muscular arm circling his upper body and the heavy leg thrown across both of his. The warm, powerful, naked body of the man he now belonged to.

He recalled the disbelief and shock he’d experienced when Emerson first informed him he was the one willing to be his Master. Had it not been for waking up in his Master’s bed, Liam would have had to pinch himself to see if it had only been a dream.

He stayed perfectly still, not wanting to waken the other man and mentally reviewed last evening’s events. Liam felt the heat rising in his cheeks at his remembered embarrassment.

His collar in place and an understanding reached with his new slave, Emerson had called for Chinese take-out. While waiting for their meal to arrive, he had ordered Liam to strip and had then carried out the most extensive and intimate examination his latest acquisition had ever been subjected to; after which he allowed his slave to partially dress in boxers and t-shirt. Liam believed it to be an example of how they would be living. There was no negotiation, no contract; only a dominant establishing his ownership of a submissive as his personal property.

Liam had willingly traded his freedom for a Master who had promised to be both a provider and protector. A mega step for him as Liam had been badly burnt once before. But that was behind him now and he was no longer that naïve, gullible man of three years ago. As frightened as he may be, he was now as ready as he’d ever be to take another chance.

It was during the meal when Liam had learned so much about this man he had given his life to. Liam had committed to memory ever words his Master had uttered.

“Before making my decision to take you on as my slave, I had you investigated. So I think it only fair I tell you a bit about myself, slave.”

So keen to find out this man’s past, Liam had barely concentrated on what he was supposed to be doing and had to be reminded several times to eat. At one point, his new Master had threatened to make him kneel while he spoon fed him. So Liam made more of an effort to multi-task, something he had never been overly adept at.

“I come from a long line of lawyers and judges,” Emerson had informed him. “In fact my paternal grandfather at one time sat on the supreme court. But law had not been his first love; it had only been his profession and one he did very well from all accounts.”

Emerson had paused to tap his slave on the head and point at the plate in front of him.

Continuing, he had gone on to tell Liam of the day his grandfather, Alexander Ellery Jones II, finally decided he’d kept enough skeletons in the cupboard and the time had come to own up to every one of them. Emerson’s grandmother, Ingrid, had become enraged when the long withheld secrets were divulged. She transformed almost before the older man’s eyes and turned into the shrew he’d always suspected her of being. There had never been any real love between them as their marriage had been one of convenience. Although thus far, they had managed to convey a loving relationship mostly for the sake of their son, Alexander III, and his young family.
Emerson’s grandfather had left the house with only the clothes on his back and had been more than happy to do so. He gave up his position on the bench and joyfully went on to live his dream. The only regret he had was the loss of his little grandson, who fortunately had not been named Alexander IV. He did, however, continue to financially support his wife until her dying day.

“He purchased this old multi-story building,” Emerson had added, “and completely renovated it to become his home and business. Few changes have been made to the original work he had done. The basement was the only area he never got around to revamping. Guess that will be my job; one I’m sure to tackle eventually.”

Emerson had paused during his narrative once again to remind his slave to eat. “I never even knew I had a grandfather. The family had disowned him and throughout the years that followed, they had repeatedly disavowed his existence. My grandmother died a miserable, bitter woman. God, she was the only person who ever scared me,” Emerson had mused with a shake of his head as if to clear it of unpleasant, childhood memories.

“My parents died in a fire when I was fourteen. They had gone to see a play being performed in an old, decrepit theater. One that had disregarded building codes for years, including the need to properly maintain the out-dated sprinkling system. Anyways, it was then that I found out about my grandfather. As my only living relative, he was asked to assume custody of me. Had he not done so, I would in all likelihood have ended up a ward of the court and spent my teenage years in foster care. Instead, I was gradually introduced to a lifestyle I had never before heard of.

At first, I mistakenly thought Paul was only my grandfather’s business partner. I soon learned he was also Grandfather’s best friend, lover, and sub. I took their relationship in stride, having already recently figured out my own sexual preferences. The three of us lived here in this apartment on the top two floors and always entered by the rear staircase. The elevator came later. Although I had seen the front of the building many times over that first year or so, I never considered it any different that many other brown-stones in a business neighbourhood that had once been residential. It never entered my head the type of entertainment offered here, or the kind of high-profile guests that regularly frequented the place.

I was sixteen when Grandfather first took me on a tour through the rest of the building.  Needless to say, it blew me away.  Realizing I was living above a very prestigious BDSM establishment was an eye-opener. But not nearly as much as ultimately discovering my grandfather was a Dom, and a damn good one at that. It took a while for me to clue into the fact that Paul was Grandfather’s sub; astounding to say the least.

It took several years under my grandfather’s tutelage, but in due course I too developed the skills of a Dom. That is I learned the mechanics of being a top-notch Dom even though I never acquire the love for the scene that Grandfather had for it. It never became the end-all and be-all for me. That may have been different had I falling in love with a man who badly wanted to participate in the scene. And while I admit I enjoy playing now and again, I can also do without. However, I do like being in charge and I do like being the ‘boss’ so to speak, and I am not opposed to keeping those under me inline, but I do work very hard at maintaining a high degree of fairness.”

Liam had wondered at the time if his Master was telling him this to set his mind at ease over someday being coerced into experimenting and sometime in the future, subbing for him.

“Each of us must find our own place, Liam,” his Master had assured him. “I have found mine and you will soon find yours.”

It was late by the time their meal was over with. His Master had insisted they shower together and go to bed. Liam had not been given the opportunity to ask questions. He had been promised the conversation would continue in the morning.

Well, it was morning and Liam was looking forward to the day with mixed emotions swinging between unlimited eagerness and constrained apprehension. Had he found his place in this strange world he’d entered or had his attraction for this man led to him making a monumental error? Would the trust he placed in his new Master be exploited?  

“Relax, slave,” was whispered next to his ear. “I know you’re awake.”

Emerson had been awake for a while now enjoying the feel of his slave’s naked body pressed to his own. It was the sudden stiffening of Liam’s body that had cause the older man to speak up.

“Are you having seconds thought already, my pet?”

“I’m not sure,” Liam answered honestly. “Could be I’m just nervous and unsure of what to expect.”

“Have patience, my slave. As time passes, everything that is meant to be will fall into place. For now, we’ll get our day started by getting up and dressed.”

“Is there anything you’d like me to do for you, Master? Like laying out your clothes?”

“I’ll do that myself. As clever as you may be, you could not possibly be aware of my preferences this soon.” Emerson was in a jovial mood. However, Liam didn’t know him well enough to pick up on it. “But after you’re dressed you can make my breakfast. I’ll be out shortly. I just have to check last night’s receipts.”

Emerson walked into the dining room twenty minutes later to find the table had only one place set. He questioned his new slave about the shortage when the young man came in from the kitchen carrying a tray of food.

“You told me to make your breakfast, Master, and that is what I’ve done.” Liam placed a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice, a mug of fresh brewed coffee, and a plate containing two pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage and hash browns on the table in front of his Master’s chair. Maple syrup, cream, sugar and a small container of ketchup was put within arm’s reach.

Emerson sighed when it hit him that Liam accepted everything said literally word for word and wondered how many misunderstandings would arise as they got to know each other. He took his seat and picked up the napkin neatly folded next the cutlery, then snapped his finger just as Liam was about to leave the room, and pointed to the floor beside him when his slave turned to see what he wanted.

Liam hesitated for just a second before dropping to his knees. He wondered what he’d done to displease his Master this soon into their relationship; a relationship that was less than twenty-four hours old.

“You have only one responsibility, Slave, and that is to serve me and only me. Under that umbrella is the expectation to care for all that belongs to me. You, my little slave, are now one of my many processions. One that I demand be afforded the best care of all. Until you learn how to meet all the requirements of your position, I will assist you.” Emerson scooped up a forkful of egg. “Open your mouth,” he softly ordered and was pleased when he was immediately obeyed.

Although originally mortified by the thought of being fed by his new Master, it didn’t cross Liam’s mind not to do as he was told. He took his time chewing while contemplating his changing feelings. He found himself relaxing as his embarrassment slowly dissipated and a sense of warmth took its’ place. He gradually began to believe he was being shown how to care for himself as if he meant something to someone. But could this be true? Or was it just wishful thinking on his part? For the moment he could only go with the flow and see where it led him. His musings were interrupted by his Master’s voice and he noticed the empty plate.

“That was delicious, Slave.” Emerson caressed Liam’s hair for a moment before pushing away from the table. He was impressed at his slave’s cooking skills.

“Yes, it was!” Liam acknowledged, visibly pleased with his achievement. He returned his Master’s smile with one of his own and gently kissed the other man’s hand. “Thank you,” he gratefully murmured.

“Are you kissing the hand that just fed you, Slave?” Emerson teased.

“Oh, I-I won’t do it again, Master, if you prefer I didn’t.”

The young man clearly believed he’s stepped over the line and Emerson promptly set about clarifying his intentions. “I was teasing, my pet. I do that now and again. There is no need for you to be so ill at ease.”  He paused to make sure he had been understood. “When you’ve finished clearing away the dishes, we’ll be off to the train station where you’ll give notice of your leaving to your supervisor. I trust two weeks will suffice. I want you here with me, twenty-four-seven. You’ll also being giving up your present place of residence and closing any bank accounts you may have.”

“But there’s no need to give anyone notice, Master, ‘cause I’m no one’s employee. I work for myself. And I do not have a bank account.”

“What do you mean ‘you work for yourself’?”

“I shine shoes and do errands for waiting passengers. And then there is the odd shift when I have fill in for one of the cleaners who wants some time off. But that is paid for in cash by the guy I was replacing for the day. I have few expenses so what I make usually covers everything. As I more or less live from day to day, I don’t have much left over to put in a bank.” Liam smiled at the very idea of him having a savings of any kind.

Emerson was somewhat taken back. “I was told you worked at the train station and automatically assumed you were employed by the railway company to do so.  Do you not live at or near the station?”

“At.” Realizing an explanation was expected, Liam added, “I kinda bunk down in what was once used as a storage shed of sorts, then later converted to an employees’ break room.”

“I see,” Emerson murmured even though he was a little baffled by what he was hearing. “Then I guess all we have to do is pick up your belongings.”

“Ah, I can go do that myself. You needn’t come with me.” Liam would prefer his new Master not see where or how he had been living.

“Now, you wouldn’t be contradicting me?” the older man questioned in a low voice, his eyes narrowing ever so slightly.

“Huh? N-no….Master,” Liam stammered, staring somewhat bug-eyed at the man in front of him.

“Then let’s get a move on.” Emerson turned away to hid the smile materializing on his handsome face. He hadn’t meant to alarm Liam. His goal had merely been to re-establish who was in charge. He had a feeling this would prove to be an on-going task until each of them became reconciled to their places within their newly forming relationship.

An hour later, Liam led the way around to the less savoury side of the train station, down an alley and past the dumpsters. Taking out his key, he opened a weather-beaten wooden door and stepped back to bid his Master enter.

Emerson glanced around, far from pleased with what he saw. Although tidy and smelling quite a bit better inside than out, it could only be described as nothing more than a hole in the wall. Little wonder the employees never used it.

The place boasted a well-worn carpet of indistinguishable colour, walls with paint peeling and a blind on the small window that definitely needed replacing. Along one wall was a stained futon with a sleeping bag rolled up on one end of it. Another wall housed what he guessed was a make-shift kitchen. A beat-up toaster and electric kettle sat on the table and above it the shelves held several mismatched dishes, bowls, mugs and cutlery. ‘Probably someone’s cast-offs,’ Emerson muttered to himself and shook his head.

There was what must have been a hotel kitchenette unit at one time gracing a third wall. It appeared well-used, the little sink and two stove elements that had obviously been scrubbed as clean as one could possibly get them. Opening the door to the small fridge, Emerson saw that it was fairly well-stocked with perishables.

‘At least the kid eats reasonably well,’ the older man thought, shutting the door and glancing around to see a door in the far corner that he assumed lead to the bathroom.

“This is the only place I’ve ever felt safe in, Master,” Liam quietly spoke from somewhere behind him. “But it got very lonely at times.”

Emerson turned to find his new slave packing a laptop into a backpack. He watched as a few articles of clothing and personal items were stuffed in. It saddened him to think of the kid having ever called this home.

Grabbing up a box from under the table, Emerson began packing it with unopened containers of food. “What would you like done with this, Liam?”

“If you do not have a need for them, they can be dropped off at the food bank. That is if it is okay with you, Master.”

“I think it’s a great idea. Now if you’ve got all you want from here, let’s get going.”

The two men took a final look around, both with a multitude of varying thoughts running through their heads. A new life was about to commence for each of them as individuals and as a Master/slave couple.

After dropping off the food, Emerson took Liam shopping. He’d gotten a glimpse of the few clean but worn articles of clothing the younger man had packed and knew none were acceptable for any slave of his.

Liam had never been in stores of such high quality before. The choices and the richness of the fabrics had him wanting to see and touch everything. He didn’t realize at first that this shopping trip was to completely outfit him. It wasn’t until he was taken into an elite men’s store and told he was to be measured for a dress suit that it hit him.

He opened his mouth to object. But before he could utter a word, Emerson leaned closer and softly growled in his ear, “My Slave.” It effectively reminded Liam of his new station in life.

Next came new shoes and outdoor wear, followed by several pair of casual pants and jeans. Added to the growing pile were a number of shirts of various styles and colours.

Liam wondered where he was going to put it all when they got back to his Master’s apartment. Maybe he was going to be put in the second bedroom…or even moved to the second floor where there was a double door leading to who knew where. He had been taken on a brief tour of his new home but had not yet seen the upstairs. The main floor consisted of a large sunken living room, a dining room big enough to seat twelve, a very modern kitchen with every stainless-steel appliance imaginable, a comfy-looking study smelling of cigars and leather, a humongous Master bedroom and en suite, a welcoming guest bedroom with its own bathroom and an extra lavatory in the hall for visitors; all and all, very spacious and airy while at the same time rather homey and lived-in.

It would now be Liam’s responsibility to care for it as he’d been informed that the cleaning service his Master had previous been using had been let go.

As it ended up, most of Liam’s new clothing was hung alongside his Master’s in the large walk-in closet and he was given a couple of drawers for smaller articles. He was obviously meant to share his Master’s bedroom.

It was while Liam was putting his new belongs in their proper place that Emerson decided it was time to pay a visit to the other couple who lived in the building.

“Okay, Em, what’s this private confab about?” Flynn inquired as soon as the three men were seated in the club’s office.

Emerson smiled at his friend’s feigned impatience. “You both remember Liam, right?”

“The kid who used to come in regularly and park himself at the end of the bar, nurse a beer all evening and then leave without saying a word to anyone. Is that who you’re talking about?” Ned finished the response with a question of his own.

Emerson nodded. “That’s the one. I just want to let you know he’s mine.”

“He’s your what?” Flynn’s curiosity got the better of him. Ned just stared in disbelief.

“Well now, that’s the tricky part. Liam considers himself my slave, so I guess that makes me his Master; at least in his eyes. Doesn’t really matter to me what terms are used, I am only interested in keeping him safe.”

“Of course,” Flynn commented, not completely swallowing that last line. He sat back in his chair and smiled knowingly at his long-time friend, remembering that the kid was very easy on the eyes. ‘About time he got himself a special someone,’ he thought, pleased with this unexpected turn of events.

“No shit!” Ned exclaimed, finally finding his voice. “Does that mean he’s gonna play? What kind of scene does he like? He always seemed afraid of his own shadow.”

“We won’t be playing, Ned. What goes on here holds absolutely no appeal to him. He’s now wearing my collar, so when he’s in the club no one will approach him.”

“It would quickly get around that he was your boy anyway, Em. No one would dare make a move towards him,” Flynn observed, still mulling over the idea of Emerson having a partner.

“I wasn't willing to take a chance,” Emerson insisted. “We have new players dropping in all the time.”

“Yeah, and his reaction to anyone even coming near him in the past is anything to go on,” Ned paused and shook his head. “God, I thought the kid would shit his pants the time Nelson spoke to him. I never did understand why he came around when he was obviously out of his element.”

 “I think he was more afraid of himself,” Emerson explained. “I strongly believe he found himself in a bad situation a while back and was being over-cautious in his search for wherever it was he belonged.”

“But didn’t you have a thorough background check done on him?” Flynn asked.

“Yes, Brandon did it for me. But there was a period of time missing. It was like he fell off the planet for about a year and a half.”

“Maybe he was taken by aliens.” Ned made eerie noises associated with the paranormal.

Flynn reached over and gave his sub’s knee a shake. “Stay focused, boy. Unless you want to work your shift wishing it was just in an apron because your butt will be too sore to have more than air brushing against it.”

“Just an apron, huh? Promise?” Ned’s eyes sparkled as a picture formed in his head. “And a red hot set of buns.”

Both Dom’s rolled their eyes. “Your boy’s incorrigible, Flynn.”

“Don’t I know it,” groused the older man, feigning a long-suffering sigh. “But getting back to the topic; I take it that it’s during this missing period of time you figure something unpleasant happened. Have you asked Liam about it?”

“No, and I don’t intend to ask him; at least not just yet. I’m waiting it out and hoping he’ll eventually tell me in his own good time. I want the trust between us to strengthen first and I don’t think my getting too pushy will help the process. I’d appreciate it if no one else brought up the subject to him.”

Both Doms turned to look meaningfully at Ned. “Hey,” he cried and threw up his hands. “I won’t say a word. When would I get the chance anyway? It’s not as if we hang around or anything.”

“Actually, you will be spending time together,” Emerson informed him. “I plan to have him working in the club part-time. Only the slowest shifts to begin with, but I’d like you to kind of take him under your wing, Ned. That is if it’s all right with the two of you.” He glanced back and forth between the two other men.

“Works for me!” Ned assured him while Flynn nodded his agreement.

Later that evening, Liam was taught an important part of what would become his hygiene routine. If he had thought last night’s very personal inspection was embarrassing, it was nothing compared to being shown how to use the special attachment on the shower.

“You will keep yourself clean and ready for my use at all times, Slave,” Emerson had instructed, getting a wide-eyed nod in response from a badly blushing young man.

But it all became worthwhile when his Master introduced him to the pleasures of sex.

As soon as Emerson had his slave on the bed, he began fondling him and moments later he lowered his head to fill his mouth with Liam’s hardening dick. Determined to make this initial experience as satisfying as possible, he sucked for a minute or two before changing course and licking Liam’s balls. He took them one at a time into his mouth, sucking seductively while using his lubed fingers to prepare his slave for penetration.

The sounds escaping Liam’s lips grew louder, letting his Master know the attention was driving him to the breaking point.

After slipping on a condom and lubing his own pulsing shaft, Emerson placed Liam’s legs on his shoulders and steadily pressed his way inward, all the while whispering words of encouragement interspersed with orders to relax.

Once fully inside, Emerson paused to allow Liam time to get use to the fullness and for the initial pain to subside. Then the rhythmic movement began and it blew Liam away. The younger man had no idea it would be this electrifying and was totally unprepared for the feelings overwhelming him.

Unable to hold back, Liam began pleading for his Master to go faster. The sexual excitement was beyond his imagination as he locked eyes with his Master, becoming more enthralled as the thrusting grew more intense. His erection was throbbing, but his hand was slapped away when he tried to masturbate. Seconds later he felt a large hand grab the bottom of his shaft and move upward.                                                  

Another few moments and both men were shouting out at the force of the orgasm that rolled over each of them. Liam’s legs dropped to the bed and Emerson reluctantly moved to stretch out beside him. They lay there panting for several moments before Emerson removed the condom and turned over to spoon behind his well-sated slave.

He chuckled when he heard his slave’s sleepily slurred, “That was absolutely mind-blowing.”


The two men continued getting to know each other over the next few weeks.

Emerson discovered that aside from being socially awkward, his slave was somewhat obsessive compulsive. He cleaned everything in sight, including things most people wouldn’t even consider. Self-motivated, with little leniency for his own failure, Liam liked order. He excelled at routines and revelled in the safety net provided by rules.

To help combat his slave’s social unease, Emerson had him work with Ned during a couple of predictably slow afternoon shifts at the club each week. Although Liam did mostly clean-up, he was learning to deal with people a bit better and getting more comfortable doing so. He was also developing a tolerance for the activities that took place there, even though they were few and far between during the times Liam was in the club.

Emerson soon realized that Liam had an innate desire for privacy and for having some control over his own environment. For example, there was still that missing period of Liam’s life unaccounted for but Emerson wasn’t yet ready to push in order to have his questions answered. As long as Liam’s need for a little control didn’t interfere with Emerson’s role as his Master, then there shouldn’t be a problem. However, these issues would be dealt with when and if the need arose.

Liam learned his Master was a man of great patience. His Master had unwearyingly put up with his inadequacies. And true to the older man’s word, Liam had never been chastised for making an honest mistake. He’d never once been punished for unknowingly committing what some might consider a wrongdoing.

His Master strived daily to keep the lines of communication open and as free as humanly possible of misunderstandings that can plague many a relationship. The older man would carefully explain the different perceptions some might form over any particular issue. He made clear the difference between making a mistake and deliberately ignoring a rule. The first was, more often than not, easily forgivable. The second was also forgivable, but with a price to pay. 

As they settled into a routine of sorts, Liam was surprised to find himself with more liberty to accomplish his everyday tasks that he had originally assumed he would have. He had been given carte blanche when it came to preparing meals and the purchasing of the items he needed to do so. His master explained that it would be the surest way for his slave to learn how best to serve him.

The young slave carefully documented his Master’s preferences and made special note of the things his Master disliked. For instance, Liam quickly picked up on one of his Master’s quirks the very first time he washed the man in the shower. His master hated having the soles of his feet touched.

He also discovered his Master did not like garlic. Although the older man would put up with a bit of the pungent seasoning if eating out, he could not tolerate the smell of it in his own home; or in the building for that matter. He had even requested that Flynn and Ned not cook with it.

Another thing Liam was pleased to find out was that his Master made it a point to keep him informed of his arrival times so meals could be served promptly and while still hot. If his Master was going to be unavoidably detained, he would call his slave and let him know.

While things seemed to be working out rather well for the most part, both men realized there was bound to be a glitch at some time. Due to his Master not being overly concerned about it happening, Liam tried not worry about it either.

It was Liam’s overzealousness that led to his first encounter with his Master’s tangible displeasure.

Emerson stood staring at the vast array of paper products and dry goods spread over every available square inch of the kitchen. He’d already had to pass several large items on his way down the hall and was more than curious about where it had all come from. And, more importantly, why it was here?

“Slave!” he hollered, zeroing in on whom he was fast beginning to hold responsible for these occurring disturbances to his once peaceful existence. “Why?” he demanded, waving his arm at the disarray as soon as the young man he’d summoned put in an appearance.

Liam blinked as if trying to comprehend his Master’s apparent disapproval.

Emerson frowned when he saw the dishevelled look of the younger man. Liam’s hair was tousled, his clothing untidy and his face dirty. “Just what have you been up to?”

“I am trying to store all these sale items, Master, by rearranging the cubby hole under the staircase. I had the opportunity to visit Costco with Ned and discovered how reasonable things are there. Of course to make it worthwhile, one has to purchase in bulk.”

Emerson groaned. He’d assigned the task of household purchases to his slave, failing to take into account Liam’s years of scrounging.  Getting the lad to understand that there was no need to continue his habitual frugal lifestyle was proving to be an uphill battle. He didn’t want to discourage his slave, but at the same time knew this habit couldn’t persist.

‘Time to lay down the law once and for all,’ Emerson decided as he took Liam’s hand and towed him into his study. “Sit!” he ordered, pointing to the floor and taking a seat himself. “This bulk-buying is about to come to a screeching halt, my boy.”

“But, Master, I am just trying to save money,” Liam insisted.

“But there is no need, Slave. You’d be best busying yourself with other issues.”

“Are there areas I am failing to please you in, Master?” Liam worried this might be the case and wondered just how long his Master would put up with his shortcomings.

“Other than this one? No. Over the past month you’ve quickly picked up on many of my preferences. My home is immaculate, my clothing kept clean and ready to wear at any time, and meals are served in a timely fashion and are always delicious. In those areas, a Master could not ask for more from his slave. However, this practice of cost-cutting is unacceptable and totally unwarranted.”

Liam sat back on his heels and hung his head. “I am sorry, Master,” he downheartedly murmured. He wanted so badly to please this man. “I know you told me just last week not to do it, but when I saw all the sales I couldn’t seem to help myself.”

“Then should the problem arise in the future, I will be the one ‘helping’ you overcome it,” Emerson resolutely prophesied. “Meanwhile, today’s purchases will be returned before the store closes and we will once again go over the household budget. You will also be writing out that list of retailers you’ve been told to shop at, two hundred times.”   

Emerson smiled when he saw Liam examining his hand as if wondering just how much it would hurt after all that writing. “If this happens again, Slave, it will not be your hand hurting,” he sternly declared. “You needn’t look surprised. I made it clear right from the start that I wasn’t opposed to spanking you should the need arise. In fact, to be perfectly honest, while I don’t look forward to causing you pain I’m rather intrigue by the thought of you laying face-down over my lap squirming to get away from my hand that will be turning that bubble butt of yours a bright red.”

Liam gulped at the implications of that promise, and vowed to himself that it would never happen if he could at all help it.

Reaching over to caress his slave’s hair, Emerson kindly added. “We are both on a learning curve, Liam. Neither of us is perfect and never will be. We can only learn to do our best. But trust me, we’ll ultimately get where we both want to be. It just may take a while.”

Liam did trust his Master; enough to have hope for their future together. Having learned a lot since moving into his Master’s home, he was slowly starting to become less apprehensive about the choice he had made to become a slave in the first place.

There remained only one major concern looming before him. His Master had made it clear that he would soon be expected to accompany the older man to some of the events held in the club. Liam was definitely not looking forward to doing that. To date he had only been in the club a few times. The first time was to be introduced as his Master’s slave to Flynn and Ned. Other times had been to help Ned set up for the evening’s clientele. And then there was three days ago when he had assisted with the month-end inventory tally. Knowing that was about to change this coming weekend had Liam agonizing over the possible outcome.

“Stop fretting, my pet,” Emerson softly instructed, once again causing the younger man to ponder over his Master’s mind reading ability.

Saturday evening arrived with a lot less fanfare than Liam had been expecting. He’d been dressed in black jeans and a black T-shirt; easily fading into the background which is exactly where he preferred to be. Nothing other than sitting on the floor next to his Master’s chair was expected on him. He was even permitted to sit with his back to the slightly raised staging area and his head leaning against his Master’s knee, where it was rhythmically stroked by his Master’s large hand. The hand kept him grounded and in due course had him mentally escaping what was going on around him.

That is until he was startled by his Master calling out and hurriedly getting to his feet. 

“Hold on!” Emerson’s raised voice attracted more than Liam’s attention. The big man strolled over to the St. Andrews’ cross to speak to the two men having a disagreement. The Dom was shaking his head while the sub was arguing with him. The reason for the Dom’s hesitation was evident.

“What the hell happened to your back?” Emerson demanded of the sub standing wide-eyed and staring at him. “Who did this and how long ago?” The sub’s back was a mass of red abrasions criss-crossing from side to side and there were several areas where the skin had apparently been broken but was presently scabbed over. 

“Three nights ago and it was consensual, if that what you’re on about,” the sub informed him. “It takes a bit of work for me to reach the high I’m looking for.”

“Well you won’t be reaching a high this evening in my club,” Emerson stated, his voice indicating he would not be persuaded to change his mind.

“Then I’ll go somewhere else,” the sub belligerently asserted. “Where the Doms aren’t so wimpy,” he added, glaring at the other Dom who had remained silent since Emerson stepped in.

Wanting to protect the foolish young man, Emerson thought up a possible alternative. But he needed some addition information before presenting his proposal. He invited the sub to join him for a drink, thus freeing up the stage for others to use.

Once seated at the bar with drinks in hand, Emerson began asking questions. “What’s your name? How long have you been playing in the scene? Do you have or want a partner?”

“It’s Royce…Royce Christianson. I’m thirty years old and I’ve been experimenting with BDSM for almost eight years. I do not have a partner but would certainly consider a partnership if the right guy came along.”

Royce staring directly into his eyes didn’t prevent Emerson’s built-in BS meter from kicking in. “Care to run that by me again? This time without the embellishments.”

A long drawn sigh was followed by a meek, “Okay, I’m twenty five and have only been exploring the scene for a little over a year. My roommate and I have been visiting clubs,” Royce paused and looked around. “Not as good as this one though. We bought a few implements and would try things out at home. But Dan has recently lost interest and so I’ve been scouting out players on my own. ” Royce went on to name a club he’d frequented that had Emerson inwardly cringing. 

“Do you know who I am, Royce?” Emerson inquired,

“You’re the owner of the best BDSM club around. And from what I’ve heard, one of the best dang Doms in the community. It’s why I came here. It’s been freakin’ hard to find good Doms willing to give me what I need, and many others either don’t know how to do it or don’t wanna learn.” Royce sounded a little bitter.

“You don’t need it as harsh as you think,” Emerson insisted. “Besides, as hard looking as he may seem, the Dom you were about to play with is a stickler for the rules of safety and would never do that kind of damage to you. What you really need is time to allow your back to properly heal before you play again. I have an offer to make if you are willing wait it out.”

“Can I hear it before I agree to stop playing for a while?” Royce glanced longingly at the big man Emerson was referring to. He’d deliberately chosen him because of his menacing appearance.

Emerson pretended not to notice the wistfulness in Royce’s expression as the young sub’s eyes followed the movements of the big Dom who had refused to play with him.

“Initially you have to give your injured back two weeks to heal. Absolutely no playing or the deal’s off. You return here when there is not a mark on you and I’ll see to it that you obtain what you’re looking for; which if I understand you correctly, is a mind-blowing high.” Emerson waited to see what the response would be. Instead he got another question.

Royce peeked around the bigger man at the slave still sitting on the floor where his Master had left him. “What about your boy over there?” he asked with a smirk. “Your slave might not like the idea of sharing.”

“First off, it doesn’t involve ‘sharing’. Secondly, my private life is no concern of yours. Do you want the deal or not?”

Royce stared open-mouthed at Emerson. ‘What the hell kind of question is that?’ he speculated. “There’s not a sub in the place who’d be stupid enough to turn down an offer like that. You bet I’ll be here. Two weeks from tonight with a completely unblemished back. But can I still hang out and watch?”

“Certainly,” Emerson assured the young sub before returning to his slave who was waiting with a look of interest on his handsome face.

Liam had watched the exchange and wondered if his Master would tell him what had been said. But the evening ended without his Master saying a word and Liam instinctively knew whatever happened, it wouldn’t involve him. And as curious as he was, he would not bring up the subject to his Master for fear of annoying the man.

He was, however, more than a little disturbed by a feeling of intense jealousy. Surely he wasn’t disillusioned enough to think their relationship would last forever or that it was even monogamous. 

Liam could easily see his Master finding someone else; someone smarter, better looking, and more interesting to have around than he was. After all, his Master was well educated and extremely handsome. He knew a lot of people, many of whom were the cream of society.

Liam had only high school and his marks hadn’t been the best. His background left a lot to be desired. He actually considered himself nothing more than a gutter rat and it made him wonder what his Master saw in him.

Meanwhile, he’d just have to wait it out. Good thing he had plenty of practice at waiting and hoping and dreaming; and plenty of practice at being disappointed. As sad as it made him, he resigned himself to the fact that what would be, would be and he sure didn’t want to live each day fearing how things might turn out.


Time passed, and Emerson’s offered to Royce was honoured.  However, Royce never did become a part of their lives in the way Liam had apprehensively envisaged.  

Instead, Emerson introduced Royce to Nelson. The attraction was instantaneous, much to the shock of Liam who had always avoided Nelson as much as possible. Nelson was far from good-looking. In fact he was downright frightening at times, or so Liam thought. But unknown by many, the Dom was as good at caring for a Sub as Emerson was. And Royce certainly didn’t mind this big Dom taking the place of the club’s owner, whom he had originally anticipated playing with.

Both Emerson and Flynn were pleased to see these two men forming a partnership as they both greatly admired Nelson who was several years their senior.  

Ned and Liam both liked Royce and quickly developed a friendship with him that was destined to last for years.

As fate would have it, it was a friendship that would often lead them into trouble.  It also resulted in Liam’s first experience with discipline at the hands of his Master.

Emerson had been out of town on business for a few days. He’d left Liam with plenty of odd jobs to keep him busy and a list of expectations. The most important one being that Liam was not to have anyone in the apartment while Emerson was away.

Friday and Saturday dragged by for Liam and Sunday threatened to be even worse. One bright spot on the horizon was the club being closed on Sundays so a more extensive cleaning could be done. Liam always participated in this clean-up and Royce who took advantage of almost any opportunity to earn extra money was also on hand to help.

Liam would have given anything to relive yesterday’s fateful afternoon and evening; even more so in the cold light of day. It was late Monday afternoon and his Master was due home shortly.

“I am in so much trouble,” Liam muttered to himself as he gazed down at the broken heirloom. He hadn’t even had the wherewithal to clean up the wreckage from last night’s mishap. “I may as well start packing cause as soon as Master returns, he is going to remove my collar and kick me out.”

He steadily slid down the wall, landing on his butt. He wrapped his arms around his bent legs and laid his head on his knees……and waited for his Master’s pending arrival.

Time dragged on until he finally heard the key in the lock. Out of the corner of his eye he saw his Master’s shiny black shoes; shoes he himself had polished to a mirror shine. He knew he should be greeting the man but couldn’t bring himself to stand up.

Emerson glanced down at his slave and sighed at the dejected looking figure. Noticing the debris next to the pedestal where an ancient urn had once sat, he compressed his lips and shook his head. After tossing his keys on the table and hanging up his coat, he reached down and hauled Liam to his feet.

“Look at me, Slave!” he demanded, giving the younger man a rough shake. “You’re not having a pity party yet. What happened here?”

“They insisted on coming upstairs with me last night,” Liam offered by way of explanation.

“They who?” Emerson asked before mumbling under his breath, “as if I wasn’t able to guess.”

“Ned and Royce. We hung out together after the club was clean and had a couple of beer. Well, maybe more than a couple. Actually lots more than a couple.” Liam had never excelled at deceit. “I-I told them I wasn’t to have anyone in, but they said you probably meant strangers, not practically family. Besides, Royce had never seen your place before and really wanted to. He practically begged to come up and I felt mean saying no. But I should have said it. They were so drunk, Master, and kept falling down. I couldn’t run around and pick them up fast enough.”

“And exactly how did this end up broken and by whom?”

“By me when I slipped while trying to get Ned out the door.”

“Think over the instructions I gave you before I left on my trip, Liam. What should you have done in order to avoid this fiasco?”

“I shouldn’t have stayed at the club so long and given the guys an opportunity to come up here,” Liam reluctantly admitted.

“Because you were told not to have anyone in the apartment, isn’t that right?”

“Yes, Master.” Liam looked down at the floor and fought back tears of regret.

“Come!” Emerson ordered, as he turned and walked down the hall and into his study. Once there, he sat down on the leather sofa and beckoned his slave over with a crooking of his finger.

He waited until the younger man was within arms’ reached before snagging his wrist, pulling him down across his lap and tugging down his boxers.

Liam immediately began struggling in an attempt to regain his feet. Try as he might, he was not able to push himself away from a Master who was much stronger than he was.

“I’m sorry, Master. I won’t let it happen again,” Liam frantically apologized.

I hope that proves to be true, my little slave.” Emerson ran a comforting hand up and down Liam’s back, calming him in the process. “But this spanking is for what you’ve already done.” The older man’s hand landed sharply across the middle of his slave’s bottom, causing the young man to yelp and buck.

“Should such a situation arise again, you seek out either Flynn or Nelson. In other words, you ask for help. Understand?” Emerson lectured as swat after swat reigned down while Liam tried to wriggle away. A good deal of strength was put into each spank.

“I will! I’ll get help! I promise!” Liam wailed as the spanking continued; his emotions too intense to endure the punishment stoically. He reached around, but his attempt to shield his butt was thwarted when his Master’s hand caught his wrist and held it against his side. At this point, Liam gave up and went limp, letting his tears fall freely.

Realizing the young man was at his wit’s end and that it was unlikely the infraction would be repeated any time soon, Emerson ended the spanking and rested his throbbing hand on the small of Liam’s back. He rhythmically rubbed in gentle circles until the sobbing slowed considerably. Then he removed the boxers hanging on Liam’s left foot before lifting his well-chastened slave onto his lap and into a bone-crushing embrace. Next he pulled the afghan off the back of the sofa and draped it over both of them.

Liam took a deep breath in an effort to gain some control of his emotions and wiped his face with the heel of his hands. He was surprised to find himself upright and being consoled by the man who had just punished him. “Th-thank you, Master,” he unsteadily murmured.

Confused, Emerson frowned slightly and pulled back to gaze at his slave. “Just what are you thanking me for, slave?”

“For being kind and comforting me after I’ve disobeyed you.” Liam’s shame was still noticeable in his faintly spoken words.

Emerson chuckled and kissed Liam’s forehead. “Oh, my precious slave, it is all an essential part of the process and something both of us are in need of. You need to know you’ve been forgiven and I need to know that you are not harbouring any resentment towards me. Reconnection and starting with a clean slate are imperative.” He took Liam’s arms and raised them up to wrap them around his neck.

“I could never resent anything you do, Master,” Liam adamantly declared as he tightened his arms and clung to his Master, allowing the warmth of the bigger man’s embrace to seep in and soothe away the anguish he’d been feeling since the disobedience had ensued. “Does this mean you won’t be kicking me out?” he asked hopefully.

“That will never come about, Liam. And I think it is only fair to warn you that I’ll be hard pressed to let you go should you ever decide you didn’t want to stay. Hope you’re okay with that.”

“Oh, I am,” murmured Liam, totally shocked by his good fortune.

The two men remained exactly where they were and silently watched the sunset through the large picture window on the other side of the room. Each coming to grips with his own thoughts.

Liam was amazed by the dissimilarity between the punishment he had just undergone and the ones he had suffered at the hands of another man some while ago. This was well-earned and reasonable doled out; the others didn’t bear thinking about. He was also beginning to recognize and accept his growing dependence on this for his future happiness. He’d never before felt this safe and cared for. Would he ever be able to survive if it was taken from him? He earnestly hoped he’d never have to find out, because he knew to the depth of his soul that this was where he belonged. He also knew he was of falling deeply in love with his Master; a man who had the capability of completely destroying him.

Deep in his own thoughts, Emerson was blown away by the rapidly building trust being granted him by this wonderful young man and slowly become conscious of his own strengthening conviction that he was falling in love with his slave; a man who now held the power to emotionally destroy him.

The End 

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